Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is your product Hypoallergenic?

A: In short, yes, our product is hypoallergenic. It has a statistically less likelihood of causing any allergic reaction. The fact that we use Pure Water, we are Paraben Free, Hormone Free, and use non-GMO ingredients lets us classify our product as being hypoallergenic. It is a very clean and effective formula! :)


Q: Why is your product considered “doctor recommended”?

A: Vice Prime’s H20 is an FDA medically approved product and has gone through 510K approval. Many doctors personally recommend the lubricant to all their patients. Vice Prime H20 has a very natural lubrication feel, it is Non-Sticky, and Sugar Free.


Q: Can I use Vice Prime H20 on my personal toys?

A: Of course! J Since Vice Prime H20 is a pure water, based lubricant it plays very well with all your personal toys and devices you would use it for. Especially silicone or latex products! It will not place any wear and tear on those toys. On top of that, it is a very easy clean up product and you do not have to worry about staining anything during your adventures!  


Q: Why do I care about paraben free product?

A: Parabens are the most widely used preservatives in cosmetics and personal care products  Many health and science studies have found that parabens can sometimes mimic the hormone estrogen and disrupt the normal hormonal cycle of the body and estrogen production in women. Here at Vice Prime we want to make sure our products are healthy and safe product to use in all types of environments. Thus we pride in having our product paraben free!